Joint public symposium of BEE and CEUBIOM

Presentations of the joint public symposium of BEE and CEUBIOM are now available at the CEUBIOM website.

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Joint BEE & CEUBIOM Workshop

Biomass Energy Potential Assessments

Club of the University Foundation, Brussels, 8 November 2010

Balazs Bodo, Maria Velkova (EC) & Matthias Dees

European and global perspectives

Andre Faaij, University of Utrecht, NL  Andre Faaij: A review of global bioenergy potential studies 

Daniela Thrän, UFZ, DE  Daniela Thrän: Biomass potential on global and regional scale - options for national supply strategies

Bioenergy implementation objectives & potentials

Jean_marc Jossart, AEBIOM, BE  Jean-Marc Jossart: Bioenergy in the National Energy Action Plans (NREAPs)

Nils Rettenmeier, IFEU, DE  Nils Rettenmeier Matthias Dees, ALU, DEMatthias Dees: Bioenergy potentials in EU and comparison with NREAP targets - results from a review of EU focused potential studies and the NREAPs

Methods for the assessment of bioenergy potentials

Martijn Vis, BTG, NL  Martijn Vis: The BEE methods & data sources handbook

Balazs Bodo, Geonardo, HU  Balazs Bodo: FP7 CEUBIOM - Overview & main results

EU 27 level biomass potential studies

Hannes Böttcher, IIASA, AT  Hannes Böttcher: The BEE illustration cases

Hannes Böttcher, IIASA, AT  Hannes Böttcher: Biomass availability & supply analysis in EU 27

Hans Verkerk, EFI  Hans Verkerk: Realisable biomass potential from European forests - EUwood results compared with BEE findings

Remote sensing in national level biomass potential studies

Katarzyna Dabrowska-Zielinska, IGIK, PL  Katarzyna Dabrowska-Zielinska: Remote sensing based case studies for biomass assessment and suggestions for future research

Perttu Anttila, METLA, FI  Perttu Anttila: Remote sensing based assessment of bioenergy potentials in Finland

Vanessa Keuck, RSS, DE  Vanessa Keuck: Remote sensing based products for biomass assessment in Europe

Recommendations for future studies and R&D - introduction statements for panel discussion

Peter Gyuris, Matthias Dees & Balazs Bodo

Peter Gyuris: E-learning programme on biomass assessment - a tool for dissemination, training and knowledge sharing

Balazs Bodo: FP7 CEUBIOM - Summary of recommendations

Matthias Dees: BEE - Summary of recommendations