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Harmonization of Methodologies for Biomass Resource Assessments

The overall objective of the Biomass Energy Europe project has been to improve the accuracy and comparability of future biomass resource assessments for energy by reducing heterogeneity of terms and definitions, increasing harmonisation of data and calculations and exchanging knowledge on methods and approaches.

In light of the overall objective a two volume handbook has been developed to promote harmonisation in the development of biomass resource assessments. The first volume, Best Practices and Methods Handbook, provides best practice methods for determination of biomass resource potentials, and gives guidance for transparent presentation of results by providing terms and definitions needed for the execution and presentation of biomass resource assessments. The second volume, Data Sources Handbook, provides information on data sets that are needed to conduct a biomass resource assessment with the methodologies described in Volume I.

The handbook serves multiple functions, it:

  • can be used as a reference work on the use of terminology in the field of bioenergy resource assessments,
  • provides an overview of best practice methods in the range of relatively straightforward resource-focused biomass assessments to complex integrated assessments,
  • presents a detailed overview of sustainability themes, criteria and parameters that are relevant for biomass resource assessments, and shows how they could be implemented in future biomass resource assessments.

With the BEE Methods and Data Sources Handbook a first contribution towards a harmonisation of methods, data and consequently results is made. Still it is clear that in many aspects further development is necessary, this with focus on integrating more accurate empirical data, more constraints and technological developments. As soon as practitioners start to use the BEE Methods Handbook, various detailed comments can be expected. It is therefore encouraged that the users of the handbook provide their comments to enable, when appropriate, adjustments in a next version.

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